We Are Welcoming New Students!

Alternatively, you can find the application form here. Once completed please return to olsentdc@hotmail.com

If you are having issues downloading the application form please contact Willis George Olsen on 07740062838. 

Once your application form has been received a member of our team will contact you via email or phone within five working days to conform your place within OLSENtdc

If you have any questions please contact us via our email address olsentdc@hotmail.com or call Willis George Olsen on 07740062838.

We look forward to hearing and meeting you soon!

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Friday Evening Classes

Class Costs & Payment Options

Class payments must be made at the start of each half term or each full term. Your preference must be made on your registration form. OLSENtdc will keep a record of all chosen payment preferences. Payments can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. 

For more information or to receive bank account details for OLSENtdc please contact Willis on 07740062838 or email him directly at willis.olsentdc@hotmail.com.