About The Company

OLSEN Theatre and Dance Company (OLSENtdc) is a brand new arts amateur dramatics organisation, founded in 2020 and located in Bristol. We are an independent company who offer unique Theatre classes for adults. OLSENtdc aims to work with performers to create ensemble work that builds towards productions.

As part of the classes, we will explore the modern understanding of Theatre by using Multi-Media and Online resources. This learning, along with rehearsals, will work collaboratively towards our first company production which is due to take place in December 2021.

As OLSENtdc, our aim is to provide a creative, fun space to allow our performers to gain further knowledge on all aspects of Theatre and Drama. The company will have an annual productions every April, July & December for all performers to partake in. We are very excited about this amazing new company that is launching this year in Bristol.

Meet The Team

Company & Production Director
Email directly on: willis.olsentdc@hotmail.com


Willis trained as an actor, director and writer at Plymouth University and South Wales University, graduating in 2016 with a high level degree. Through his training Willis learnt by practice within the theatre and studio along with using the work of fellow practitioner methods before him, this include methods from; Konstantin Stanislavski, Steala Adler, Pina Bausch, Matthew Bourne and Bertolt Brecht. With launching OLSENtdc, Willis hopes to use techniques learnt over the years from this training and use them within the classes to ensure students are continuing to learn new skills and ways of working. Willis believe in teaching and directing students as an ensemble, working together to create a unique style of working whilst rehearsing for a production. Read more about Willis here.

Job Vacancies 

No current jobs within OLSENtdc at the moment. But be sure to keep checking here as and when.