with regards to OLSENtdc and COVID-19

It is with huge regret that I announce the closure of OLSENtdc. We all know the difficulties that COVID-19 has brought over the past year and it has become clear that the performing arts industry is suffering and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Originally we were due to open in September 2020 but due to the government restrictions towards COVID-19 we were delayed in opening on numerous occasions. However, one year on it is clear that many people's situations have changed and the way we live our lives have also adapted and changed. What that means for OLSENtdc is that for a number of reasons; a living location change in Bristol for myself and others, losing our venue, St. Peters Church Hall and other personal reasons that makes the timing of OLSENtdc not the best. 

In the future I hope that OLSENtdc can come round again and we can perform the productions that were planned. In five years time who knows where we or the industry will be but I hope it's be a better one.  I just want to say a massive thank you to all the registered performers in showing an interest and desire to be apart of OLSENtdc

Thank You and Goodbye for now

Willis George Olsen